Be inspired!  We love to feature some of our favorite photos that were posted to the Muddy Puddles Facebook Page and Instagram.  Follow us on social media!

Chris & His Momma

Who says muddy puddles are just for kids? Christopher and his mom proved them wrong by taking the plunge and participating in the DIRTY DUNK at Mess Fest.

Dylan Dryer, Today Show (NBC)

Dylan Dryer visited the Mess Fest while producing a “Hope to It” segment on the Muddy Puddles Project.  She didn’t hestitate about getting dirty and jumping in the mud, not even for a second. She even let her creativity soar by making muddy handprints and messy art!

Foam Party Fun

The Muddy Puddles Project isn’t just about mud!  We celebrate all things messy.  That’s what childhood is all about!  Our friend in this photo was enjoying the foam party at the end of our annual “SLOPSTACLE” course and her smile was contagious.  She didn’t mind a messy face for one second.

Gretchen & Addie

These girls didn’t hesitate when they saw the Mud Kitchen!  It was all about making mud pies and getting dirty.  Friendships are formed at the Muddy Puddles Mess Fest and Gretchen and Addie continue to meet up at our annual event for a day of messy fun to celebrate of kids being kids in honor of those who can’t.