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Chris & Mom

Chris & His Momma

Who says muddy puddles are just for kids? Christopher and his mom proved them wrong by taking the plunge and participating in the DIRTY DUNK at Mess Fest 2015. Sign-up today to join them on July 30 at Kiwi Country Day Camp!

Madison and Olivia

These girls think getting dirty and jumping in mud is “A-OK.” After spending some time digging, jumping, and just plain sitting in the mud, they let their creativity soar by making muddy handprints and messy art!

Madison and Olivia


Jason & Julia

Where else can you throw a pie in your sister’s face without getting in trouble? The Muddy Puddles Mess Fest of course! Jason’s sister, Julia, was a real sport, laughing all the way as she allowed her little brother to make a huge mess – on her face!


My girls love to paint, but they never seem to keep the paint on the paper so I’m often reluctant to let them get too messy with their arts and crafts. The Muddy Puddles Project reminded me to let their creativity soar. Forget finger paint, my daughter Mackenzie went straight for the toes!

painting twins 2