The Muddy Puddles Project focuses on two main types of events.  Mess Fests and Welly Walks.

Peppa Pig and Entertainment One are eager to help spread the word about the Muddy Puddles Project and its mission to help children with cancer. Peppa will be making regular appearances at Mess Fests across the US – so keep an eye out for our upcoming events!

The Muddy Puddles “Mess Fests” are a series of large-scale events hosted by the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation.  The largest of which takes place annually at Kiwi Country Day Camp (Mahopac, NY).  The format for a Mess Fest is similar to a carnival with a wide range of tented areas and a wide range of family-friendly activities – from splatter paint to pie tosses (and of course, muddy puddles). Mess Fests, however, can be replicated across the country on a smaller scale.  A do-it-yourself Mess Fest can be as simple as a backyard birthday party that includes puddles, finger paints, tie-dye t-shirts and an egg-and-spoon race.  Download the kit, here.

Welly Walks are a fun and exciting way to explore the outdoors while wearing wellies and rain slickers – rain or shine!  We are looking for participants to join Peppa Pig and support the Muddy Puddles Project by hosting a Welly Walk fundraiser at their school or club.  You can map your nature walk around the playground, across the school field, in the forest or go on a cross-country hike!  It’s entirely up to you.  Be sure to use the Welly Walk as an opportunity to explore nature with younger participants and incorporate learning opportunities along the way!